Friday, February 19, 2010

Manifesting Tip #3- Enjoy the Ride!

Here's another Manifesting Tip. This one is about the importance of enjoying the ride!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Manifesting Tips- What to do when you are stuck!

Here's another free Manifesting and Law of Attraction Tip video for ya...this one was with "hat head"! Awesome...

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Manifesting Abundance By Being in Harmony with the Law of Attraction

It's been a while, but I've been busy starting a FREE video series on manifesting abundance in your life. Here's the first one!

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Julie and Julia

I just saw Julie and Julia this weekend ( I know, it takes us a while...) and I really enjoyed it. I've heard from others that they loved Julia but didn't care for Julie. I was no different. Why is that?

Sure, Meryl Streep is an actress at the top of her field and portrayed Julia so well. But, Amy Adams is also a good actress who portrayed her character well ( the little I know of her in real life).

For me, the big difference in feeling about the characters has less to do with the actors and more to do with the people they played. Julia is bubbly, joyful, abundant, clear, passionate. She is true to herself and stopped caring what others think early in her life. She loves her husband Paul with a passion and still loves herself enough to go for what she wanted in life.

Julie is portrayed as someone who complains, suffers, is victimized, is lost and confused. She is never satisfied with herself or her husband. She makes goals but gets lost in them. The journey is not fun for her. It becomes a burden that must always be validated and approved. She worships Julia as her savior and becomes little obsessed.

No wonder everyone prefers Julia! Julia represents our HigherSelves. She embodies the qualities that we aspire to- she is forever optimistic, honest, loyal, true, and never runs from the obstacles put in her way. She is forever faithful to herself and her knowing that it's all fine the way it is-even in dire circumstances.

Julie represents our egos. She embodies our tendency to see the trouble in things, the pressures that we create, the dependence we have on others for approval or validation, and our focus on the outside to dictate the inside.

Eventually, Julie triumphs but not without a whole lot of trouble. Julia has fun in her work and everything corresponds to that- her husband hangs out with her in the kitchen, fellow chefs find her and seek her out, a friend helps her find a publisher for her cookbook.

We don't want to think of Julie because she reminds us (or maybe just me)of that part of myself (the egoic part) that I buy into when things are going "badly" or "too well".

But, it is good that she is there. She highlights the Julia in us and when Julie does finally get what she wants, it is only because she shifts into Julia mode- she starts to enjoy the ride!

Are you Julia or Julie right now? Clear or confused, focused or scattered, confident and calm or worried? Watch Julia and Julie and get inspired to shift into Julia mode.

Monday, August 24, 2009

No Problem and 10,000 Solutions

I went to the movies recently and a 7 year old child said "Wouldn't it be cool if there was a movie and the story was about about no problem and 10,000 solutions?"

I immediately thought that she had started to read the Tao Te Ching or was channeling Lao-Tzu.

She explained further about what she meant. To paraphrase, the story would be that someone would be just living their life and get something really cool (like an ice cream cone) and be thrilled.

I agreed that, yes, that would be "super cool".

And maybe, that's how it can be, if we allow ourselves to see it that way.

Perhaps our lives can be without problems and 10,000 solutions. In other words, we can see life's challenges as just that- not problems or dramas, but challenges and opportunities to view the unlimited solutions that are available if we can get out of "problem mode" and into "solution mode".

I know it can be a challenge, at times, to see what is happening in your life as an opportunity. In fact, in the moment, it may feel extremely painful, lonely, or at least a pain in the butt, but it is all created by you, for you. Even when it feels like it is all against you.

Experiencing ugliness allows you to appreciate beauty, hunger allows you to enjoy food. When we stay in the ugliness or the hunger because of our minds, we postpone the beautiful food that can be in our midst. When we are no longer condemning the ugliness, we can access the beauty in everything.

And, yes, there are many people in the world that experience daily horror and terror, hunger and violation. I would often focus on how horrible it all was and be stymied about what to do. I would be overwhelmed by the problem and be closed off to the solutions. But in those experiences as well, there is an opportunity for the world to see the 10,000 solutions that exist right now.

There is enough food in the world to feed the world. There are projects that assist families in wellness, as well as, emotional and financial ways. Local communities are shifting their awareness of how members, particularly women and girls, are treated. Little by little, folks are becoming aware of the myriad of solutions regarding economic scarcity. Does there need to be more of this? Absolutely! Join in!

We are in fact joined together in mutual liberation in these experiences. It is not about being in denial, it is exactly the opposite. It is stating what is without drama or judgment. It is about awareness that we have all that is necessary for our joy.

When we focus on the opportunity- instead of the "problem"- we gain access to the possibilities, the solutions, and we all expand and evolve together.

How do you experience the challenges of your life? Are they problems with no solutions? Are you overwhelmed and frightened or inspired to see how it all unfolds? Can you see the 10,000 solutions?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Appreciation and Letting Go to Manifest Your Desires

On Saturday morning, the piano from my childhood, where I learned "Chop Sticks" and Mozart, was delivered to my home. It had spent many years at my brother's home where my nieces had learned how to play and now they were off to college and careers.

Having the piano here was something I had desired for a while, but moving it here seemed complicated to me. It seemed more expensive to move than it was worth.

Then, when my eldest daughter expressed a desire to learn the instrument, my husband suggested we finally pluck it from my brother's house. There was a guy who did moving at my husband's work who was willing to do it for a favor and we made plans.

Great, not complicated!

On Saturday morning, when my husband and the team of men arrived, he immediately came up to the front door to deliver some "bad" news before I noticed. "It got damaged."

Perhaps it is not as uncomplicated as it seemed.

"Oh.." I thought. Let's see. They got the piano inside and it looks like it really needed a chiropractor. Its back was uneven, as if it was twisted.

The moving guys were really mortified and when I mentioned that the piano was from my childhood years, they felt even worse.

Apparently, it fell in the truck.

After they left and I studied the keys (some were inaudible and other stuck) I immediately went into blame mode. "Why did I let guys, with no piano moving experience, move a piano?" "How could it have fallen?" "Why didn't I just pay some more money and get insured movers?"

I realized with time that I was not OK with this situation. My husband told me to start calling piano repair people. I was trying to avoid complications, and yet here I was, in a situation that was getting more complicated. "Trying to avoid" anything usually brings to the fore, right?

I got appointments with two repair men to give estimates of repairing the damage. The first one arrived on Wednesday morning and looked the instrument over. "I would condemn it" he said. It would take at least $1000 to repair plus moving costs. The piano was worth only about $400. "It's totaled." "I've never seen this type of damage before" he added.

After he left I emailed my husband with the sad news and decided to cancel the 2nd repair estimate. Then I went upstairs and looked for consolation in my latest Wayne Dyer read Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life which is about the 81 verses of the Tao Te Ching. The verse it opened on was about letting go of attachments.

Yes, I was really attached. I was attached to a $400 upright Hammond piano. I was attached to my fond memories of making music on this piano and then hearing my daughters do the same. I was attached to the sounds of a piano in my home. It had been out of my life for more than 20 years and then back for 4 days and I was really attached.

Then I opened another book at a random page and it talked about how temporary everything is. "This, too, shall pass", a phrase my mother repeated many times in my childhood, was sitting on this page for me to see. My favorite part, which was also in the Wayne Dyer book, was that in a seemingly terrible ending is a beginning.

I clung to that one. What's the beginning here? What beginning can the end of this piano bring to me? And then, I decided that all I can do now is be sad. Allow the sadness to come and not try to change it.

The rest of the day, more or less, I was sad. I was grieving the end of my days and my kids' days of music with this piano.

My husband encouraged me to have the 2nd repairman (Richard Ziss) see the piano after all. I was hesitant to waste his time, but left a second message to have him come anyway.

He arrived and looked at the piano the same way the 1st man did. Taking off exterior pieces of the piano cabinet and explaining the damage. Then he got out a mallet, raised the piano off the ground, and using another piece of wood to protect the piano, he began to bang the piano cabinet. I left the room. It was like watching a doctor continue to try to perform CPR to a lifeless body.

The pounding stopped and I returned to the room. "Well, it's back in place." He said matter-of-factly. He ran his fingers up the keyboard. They sounded great! No stuck or inaudible keys.

"Oh, my God! You did it!" I exclaimed.
"The other guy said it was condemned...."
"I've heard that before. Sometimes, these old pianos just need some adjusting..."

I couldn't believe it. I had said good-bye to this poor twisted instrument that I hadn't really appreciated until I learned that it was leaving, and now someone just made it so it can stay.

He explained what other repairs needed to be done to protect from future problems and made an appointment to return next week to finish up. He charged me just a couple hundred dollars for all the repairs and tuning. Money gladly spent.

I realized that there was a lot to learn here. The biggest lesson for me was that appreciation can create miracles. Through the damage sustained in moving the piano, I appreciated the music we created with the piano. Through the potential loss of the piano, I appreciated the instrument itself and all the joy it brought me in childhood and now. Through the process of getting another opinion, I appreciated the repairman who fixed it (and the one who could not) and my husband. I also appreciated hearing and watching my kids enjoy the piano. You can find out more about appreciation creating miracles through the Abundance Course.

The second lesson was that letting go is so important in manifesting. I had to let go when the piano was damaged, when I got the news of it being "condemned", and in being sad. Then I had to let go of the prognosis that I was sure was final and see what Richard had to say.

Here's the experiment: What are you holding on to that could be holding back a dream? What could you be appreciating that can help you in allowing your dream to come to fruition? Are you feeling like it is just not possible? That's OK. Allow yourself to grieve your attachment to your dream and know it is an ending that brings a beginning. Then let it all go and appreciate the opportunity to acknowledge the attachment. Letting go of the attachment is what makes you free. That's what makes it not matter whether it all happens or not. And when you appreciate what you have and let go of what you desire, it allows for miracles. Either way, you are whole.

Need a piano repaired or tuned? Gotta call my "Miracle Piano Man" Richard Ziss: 973 325-5052 or

Monday, July 27, 2009

Daring to Be Happy

I got a recommendation from a good friend to see a movie called Happy Go Lucky. It's an interesting film about a British primary school teacher who is almost always happy. The beginning credits show her riding her bike through the streets of London, enjoying the ride, relaxed and...happy.

For me, the most striking aspect of the film was how people reacted to this young kind woman. Some of the characters were is various states of pain and sadness and either ignored her, berated her, or blamed her for their misery.

It stayed with me because this was my excuse for not being happy. It was my fear. I might offend someone. I might threaten someone. I might remind someone that they don't feel good and they'd take it out on me. I might be betraying some unspoken agreement for both of us to stay unhappy and unfulfilled.

It was not until I was really sick of being unhappy that I was willing to risk the consequences of being happy. I was willing to let go of the fear of change and experiment with being happy. I was willing to let go of relationships that could not survive the change. I was daring to be happy.

That's what happens with this woman in the film. You never see her blame the other person. She has empathy and compassion for the pain of the other person, but she does not allow it to deter her from her own happiness. In some cases, she has to let go of relationships.

What's stopping you from being happy (or passionate or abundant or loving)? What are you afraid will happen? Who might be affected by this change? Will you be breaking an agreement with someone?

Now that you have those answers, are you ready to let go and see what happens if you allow yourself to be happy? Can you let go of caring about what others think about you and dare to be happy?

Do this experiment for a week and let me know what happens!